Miseries and the miserables !

Miseries never end!
And for them who are addicted, do not have a rehabitilation centre.

They keep themselves hooked on to it.
One goes out of the way, and that is the time for the next one to show up.
So opportunistic they are., the miseries...and so poor, the miserables !
The timing is so very perfect, I am having a hard time to realize,

Is it that,. the so called miseries are keen to get on to them ! or
Is it that,. the miserables go around looking for the sweetheart miseries !
Whichever way it is, to me , I would like to see it this way :

" Miseries and the miserables are unseparable "

Its nice and sweet to hold on to something, as these really are not among those who would desert you or ever leave you alone. There only has to be one thing to master, You have to learn to live with them, because you would not want them to leave you.

Miseries will be your treasure forever.

They will be with you, when you lose and with you when you win. They do not intend to make us saddists, but act as a resort to keep us away from turning into one ( the saddists )

Just another failed day !

The chapter starts, and now, with a twist, now that some facts are out.

Its three years now, and he is to be disappointed again. Because that is what it has been doing with him for these 1096 days ( Its plain math, The August end, he recollects ). Thats part of a life, I guess.

He had been living with this stuff, keeping it to himself for quite some time.
Sometimes we fore see what lies ahead, we know deep down what is going to happen, we know what we feel is to be kept with ourselves at times. And as we know! that is when something divine happens, and we lose all the control, we start dreaming about what was never ours, and we try to ´go get it´.

We just cannot quit over something we are so attached to, and that is the destiny for such crazy ones as us! The feel good factor drives us till the end, though the regular life keeps good and on track. We just cannot quit over that feel good factor. And these things have no reasons attached !

I would like to classify people under two different heads. The ones who live and the ones who love. I feel that is all that is, in our power. We have only two options left at our discretion, though we always try to look for the third one !

- Live and not love,
- Love and not live.

He remembers wondering/discussing about this particular thing a couple of times with friends and himself. And he happened to conclude that it does happen, and it did happen to me as well.

Love at first sight !...

Though he might never confess or even ... Well ! That is totally a different part of the story.

The Painless Survival - Living Straightforward

Survival - and that is the goal, though hidden, behind every single move!

Is it not the seed of that sweet mango which we all long for ?
The seed which we throw away only to yearn for another sweet one tomorrow ?
Anything we do, the motive is survival, though hidden.

Is there a point in being selfless ?
Is there a point in compromising with life ?
Is there a point in survival ?
Why should one live, if it's not for the self.

All...after having been said and argued..,
There is only one path to THE survival. And that is destruction.
Subdue! all that comes in the way, the desire, the emotion, the ego, the complication, love, life, and what not! (all that comes on the way to divinity :P)

In simple words, in my own...
If one compromises today, that is a compromise for the rest of the life.
Is it not so simple ? Kill today to live today. Anything and everything that comes your way. Why should one sit in anticipation, to get hurt, or to get rejected ! Sting anybody, with the intention of causing damage or without it, who comes in the way. For its the only way to ...


Think.... To Perish !!

India is a belief and so is America and so is any other country.

I am an artist, I dont paint and I dont act either. And I dont do anything that one artist does. I am an artist inside and I am an artist. What sort of an artist am I ?

You can call me an atheist if you would like to, as I dont believe in what you do !
I believe in God, but in the existance... not the way you do.
An atheist is an atheist because he does not believe in what ¨YOU¨, believe in.
GOD is a belief, and I see him the way I want to see.

So is my idea of Art and an artist. I am an artist and I think.

If one cannot think, how can we call him a living being.
We are different from the animals and that is the only one aspect that distincts us.
And when we do not live up to be wise enough to use it, how good are we?

Not any ! Why should we distinguish ourselves from the animals? We are then as good as they are !

To say, everything is a belief...
- You, me, and what we think about them and us
- What is right and what is wrong !
- Love and Pain
- Religion, Politics... again.. what not

It is the mind fighting the mind, and the mind winning the mind.
That is what is the accomplishment, and that too holds no meaning !

Godddddd. Well ! Stop living..... Coz there is nothing else that we do !
Its relief now...

Good / Bad - Its only guesses here !

You think what you thought! But I dont.
We differ here! and everywhere ?

Why is that the world has to be so cold and so unhealthy.

There must be a way out if not for an easy exit.

What is it, that they want to mean when they say there are ups and downs ? I really have a hard time differentiating, probably, because I am too ready for something that is not going to be good (in terms of this world, not mine). Coz, the good does not exist or is not seen. In my case, the good does not exist, I mean, not yet.
I, now, I feel deep inside that whatever it is good or bad, anything, it hardly matters to me.

This does not mean that I am cold or stone hearted, definitely not! I have emotions, and I have a lot. I can give a lot, and in turn I would like to expect something! not materialistic though, but something that soothes the heart, though in cases it would not matter if what I get is nothing ! Even that, at times, soothes! I only ask for something that soothes my heart.

This is getting too serious, people! Am not asking for the US dollars (hottest currency), or for Aishwarya Rai (.. my knowledge is the hottest lady on earth). I hope you understand, that it is not about money or sex, there is a lot more.

This is all so personal you would feel, but if you ask me
Everything is Personal
Now ! if you say ¨Come On, Please ! Stop this crap. ¨, I would call you a leech. You know what a leech is, or there are chances that you dont know, for all of us here do not know what we are. I do not blame you. For all of us are leeches from time to time. Hardly matters !

Well, now! Here you go, I cut my crap !!! Have Fun !!...

The Hope DOPE

I have been thinking about this thing for quite some time.

We all hope for something,
some fools try their best to get what they hope for, and when they dont make it, theres an other hope !!!
some fools try hard (any means) to attain what they hope for,
some fools want to hope and are not sure about what to hope for,
some fools die to never let their hope die,
some fools hope for what was never theirs and can never be

No no ! I am not trying to make out here, what kind of a fool I am. But YES!
I do hope !

Some make it and some break. And then some want to hope for all that is white and some want to hope for the black, for the feeling of going down is too gross to handle and black never lets anybody down.

The opportunists who seek the BLACK HOPE can sense a feeling of achievement here :)

And now I wonder, if hope had a color, what color would it be ?

Anybody and everybody can imagine a color for their hope !
I have discussed about this with a few of the best people I know.
My hope has a color that is all yellow, as yellow as the sunflowers.

I badly wish it to be black !!

Am back ! You see....

The unpatriotic feel!
that you might get here at times is too unnecessary.
Open Up ! Why bound yourself with discreet ideologies ?
Caste, Creed, Color, Language, Nation, Religion, Sex.. what not !!

Its a free world and you are a free MAN !
(This is what I am trying to convey here - Its a free world and you are a free HUman !)

In case you sense the difference, though petty, is full-toned, we are together. If you don't, the fault is mine, read the posts, smile and move on.

I love my country. And I would do anything for what I feel is right. I cant call it right to kill people(anybody) over anything. To be precise, to me its more like.. the slaughter thing is for the damn ego.

Its with you and now you know it !

Well, its time I do something ! It is enough. I cant see people just kicking me like that, for me being a nothing. Being nothing does not mean that I am nothing. I always knew what I wanted, I never went for it... for we were living our lives, you were living yours and I was living mine. But when it all came to me again, I could not stop, I am sorry about it!

I want nothing from nobody. I have got enough, and i am thankful for that. Well, you can ask me if getting kicked once was not enough? And I would say, I took courage, moved on, for you too know well enough what it was. I retaliated and kicked back to never get kicked again.

And now I am getting kicked again, and I am ready to take that with your smile. I like kicks, I would say. But never again will I be getting kicked again. For some things are not repeated, like...

I know its life and things are beautiful around. And I also know that what's lost is lost for ever. I felt I lost it once, but I did not. It took me just a jiffy to realize that. And this time i know I have lost it, never to find it again. That is why i have lost it, coz I knew I would never want to find it again. You can call it a gameplan! I wanted to lose it to you and I really lost it. Well as you would say, its life !

And i know whats not mine is not mine and what I have lost is lost forever. So things are beautiful, coz I dont have anything to sit on and cry. Someday when you read it, please know that its with you and please dont kick it away.

I have edited this post on May 02, 2009.