The Hope DOPE

I have been thinking about this thing for quite some time.

We all hope for something,
some fools try their best to get what they hope for, and when they dont make it, theres an other hope !!!
some fools try hard (any means) to attain what they hope for,
some fools want to hope and are not sure about what to hope for,
some fools die to never let their hope die,
some fools hope for what was never theirs and can never be

No no ! I am not trying to make out here, what kind of a fool I am. But YES!
I do hope !

Some make it and some break. And then some want to hope for all that is white and some want to hope for the black, for the feeling of going down is too gross to handle and black never lets anybody down.

The opportunists who seek the BLACK HOPE can sense a feeling of achievement here :)

And now I wonder, if hope had a color, what color would it be ?

Anybody and everybody can imagine a color for their hope !
I have discussed about this with a few of the best people I know.
My hope has a color that is all yellow, as yellow as the sunflowers.

I badly wish it to be black !!

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