Think.... To Perish !!

India is a belief and so is America and so is any other country.

I am an artist, I dont paint and I dont act either. And I dont do anything that one artist does. I am an artist inside and I am an artist. What sort of an artist am I ?

You can call me an atheist if you would like to, as I dont believe in what you do !
I believe in God, but in the existance... not the way you do.
An atheist is an atheist because he does not believe in what ¨YOU¨, believe in.
GOD is a belief, and I see him the way I want to see.

So is my idea of Art and an artist. I am an artist and I think.

If one cannot think, how can we call him a living being.
We are different from the animals and that is the only one aspect that distincts us.
And when we do not live up to be wise enough to use it, how good are we?

Not any ! Why should we distinguish ourselves from the animals? We are then as good as they are !

To say, everything is a belief...
- You, me, and what we think about them and us
- What is right and what is wrong !
- Love and Pain
- Religion, Politics... again.. what not

It is the mind fighting the mind, and the mind winning the mind.
That is what is the accomplishment, and that too holds no meaning !

Godddddd. Well ! Stop living..... Coz there is nothing else that we do !
Its relief now...

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