The Painless Survival - Living Straightforward

Survival - and that is the goal, though hidden, behind every single move!

Is it not the seed of that sweet mango which we all long for ?
The seed which we throw away only to yearn for another sweet one tomorrow ?
Anything we do, the motive is survival, though hidden.

Is there a point in being selfless ?
Is there a point in compromising with life ?
Is there a point in survival ?
Why should one live, if it's not for the self.

All...after having been said and argued..,
There is only one path to THE survival. And that is destruction.
Subdue! all that comes in the way, the desire, the emotion, the ego, the complication, love, life, and what not! (all that comes on the way to divinity :P)

In simple words, in my own...
If one compromises today, that is a compromise for the rest of the life.
Is it not so simple ? Kill today to live today. Anything and everything that comes your way. Why should one sit in anticipation, to get hurt, or to get rejected ! Sting anybody, with the intention of causing damage or without it, who comes in the way. For its the only way to ...


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