Just another failed day !

The chapter starts, and now, with a twist, now that some facts are out.

Its three years now, and he is to be disappointed again. Because that is what it has been doing with him for these 1096 days ( Its plain math, The August end, he recollects ). Thats part of a life, I guess.

He had been living with this stuff, keeping it to himself for quite some time.
Sometimes we fore see what lies ahead, we know deep down what is going to happen, we know what we feel is to be kept with ourselves at times. And as we know! that is when something divine happens, and we lose all the control, we start dreaming about what was never ours, and we try to ´go get it´.

We just cannot quit over something we are so attached to, and that is the destiny for such crazy ones as us! The feel good factor drives us till the end, though the regular life keeps good and on track. We just cannot quit over that feel good factor. And these things have no reasons attached !

I would like to classify people under two different heads. The ones who live and the ones who love. I feel that is all that is, in our power. We have only two options left at our discretion, though we always try to look for the third one !

- Live and not love,
- Love and not live.

He remembers wondering/discussing about this particular thing a couple of times with friends and himself. And he happened to conclude that it does happen, and it did happen to me as well.

Love at first sight !...

Though he might never confess or even ... Well ! That is totally a different part of the story.

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