Miseries and the miserables !

Miseries never end!
And for them who are addicted, do not have a rehabitilation centre.

They keep themselves hooked on to it.
One goes out of the way, and that is the time for the next one to show up.
So opportunistic they are., the miseries...and so poor, the miserables !
The timing is so very perfect, I am having a hard time to realize,

Is it that,. the so called miseries are keen to get on to them ! or
Is it that,. the miserables go around looking for the sweetheart miseries !
Whichever way it is, to me , I would like to see it this way :

" Miseries and the miserables are unseparable "

Its nice and sweet to hold on to something, as these really are not among those who would desert you or ever leave you alone. There only has to be one thing to master, You have to learn to live with them, because you would not want them to leave you.

Miseries will be your treasure forever.

They will be with you, when you lose and with you when you win. They do not intend to make us saddists, but act as a resort to keep us away from turning into one ( the saddists )

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Anonymous said...

appadiya... unmaiyava... edho nalla santhosma irrundha sari :)