Good / Bad - Its only guesses here !

You think what you thought! But I dont.
We differ here! and everywhere ?

Why is that the world has to be so cold and so unhealthy.

There must be a way out if not for an easy exit.

What is it, that they want to mean when they say there are ups and downs ? I really have a hard time differentiating, probably, because I am too ready for something that is not going to be good (in terms of this world, not mine). Coz, the good does not exist or is not seen. In my case, the good does not exist, I mean, not yet.
I, now, I feel deep inside that whatever it is good or bad, anything, it hardly matters to me.

This does not mean that I am cold or stone hearted, definitely not! I have emotions, and I have a lot. I can give a lot, and in turn I would like to expect something! not materialistic though, but something that soothes the heart, though in cases it would not matter if what I get is nothing ! Even that, at times, soothes! I only ask for something that soothes my heart.

This is getting too serious, people! Am not asking for the US dollars (hottest currency), or for Aishwarya Rai (.. my knowledge is the hottest lady on earth). I hope you understand, that it is not about money or sex, there is a lot more.

This is all so personal you would feel, but if you ask me
Everything is Personal
Now ! if you say ¨Come On, Please ! Stop this crap. ¨, I would call you a leech. You know what a leech is, or there are chances that you dont know, for all of us here do not know what we are. I do not blame you. For all of us are leeches from time to time. Hardly matters !

Well, now! Here you go, I cut my crap !!! Have Fun !!...

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