Its with you and now you know it !

Well, its time I do something ! It is enough. I cant see people just kicking me like that, for me being a nothing. Being nothing does not mean that I am nothing. I always knew what I wanted, I never went for it... for we were living our lives, you were living yours and I was living mine. But when it all came to me again, I could not stop, I am sorry about it!

I want nothing from nobody. I have got enough, and i am thankful for that. Well, you can ask me if getting kicked once was not enough? And I would say, I took courage, moved on, for you too know well enough what it was. I retaliated and kicked back to never get kicked again.

And now I am getting kicked again, and I am ready to take that with your smile. I like kicks, I would say. But never again will I be getting kicked again. For some things are not repeated, like...

I know its life and things are beautiful around. And I also know that what's lost is lost for ever. I felt I lost it once, but I did not. It took me just a jiffy to realize that. And this time i know I have lost it, never to find it again. That is why i have lost it, coz I knew I would never want to find it again. You can call it a gameplan! I wanted to lose it to you and I really lost it. Well as you would say, its life !

And i know whats not mine is not mine and what I have lost is lost forever. So things are beautiful, coz I dont have anything to sit on and cry. Someday when you read it, please know that its with you and please dont kick it away.

I have edited this post on May 02, 2009.

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U know me said...

I really pity you dude !!!
shit around you, its shit around you